Our Story

Our story...

It all started back in 2013 when we wanted to make our homemade pizzas taste just as good (and hopefully better!) than those in our favourite pizza places.

While we had lots of fun trying all sorts of different toppings and dough recipes, it just wasn't coming together. It was all very... average.

Then in 2014 while on a long weekend in northern Italy (taking in Bergamo, Sirmione and Verona to be precise) we chatted to a pizzaiolo in a small family-run pizzeria about the different styles of Italian pizza and he kindly offered us a few tricks of the trade. Armed with this we returned home and shortly after cooked our very first 'proper' pizza - a simple, classic margherita which we'd have never chosen to do before. It was a HUGE step forward! 

The thing was, we'd been focusing most of our efforts on the toppings, thinking the missing piece to the puzzle lay there. And that was our big mistake. It was in fact, mostly down to the dough.

Now we had a proper foundation to build on and for the next few months we tinkered with our dough recipe until we arrived at something we were happy to call our own.

And that very dough is what we've made available to you with our pizza kits. It undergoes a multi-temperature fermentation (proving) process so that it's easy to handle at home while still retaining the structure and flavour profile of classic Italian pizza. 

We hope you have just as much fun making your pizzas as we do making ours. For us it's a real family affair and if you have kids we're sure they'll love getting involved!

You can share your wonderful creations with us via our Facebook page - we'd love to see them!

Buon appetito!

David & Gaynor xx